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About this Hybrid Strain

The sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Jet Fuel, also called G6 by some, produces a pungent diesel scent and similar yet sweet flavor. Its buds are a light, mossy green covered in a fuzzy layer of trichomes.

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Premium Flower Jet Fuel OG


Rythm Jet Fuel Strain  is a potent hybrid marijuana strain also known as “G6 ,” “Jet Fuel OG Strain,”. A hybrid marijuana strain made from a genetic cross between  Aspen OG x High Country Diesel. Jet Fuel is 20% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers. It flowers within 9-10 weeks and that stays true to the influence of SFV OG Kush and East Coast Sour Diesel in its lineage. Rythm Jet Fuel’s name isn’t purely devoted to the sweet, pungent aroma of diesel fumes this strain exudes.

Rythm customers tell us Jet Fuel vape pen is an uplifting yet relaxing hybrid, with gassy pine flavors against a delicious sour lemon backdrop. symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and stress. rythm vape pen features flavors like vanilla, pungent, and skunk. The dominant terpene of this strain is myrcene.

Rythm Jet Fuel  helps with

  • Stress
    27% of people say it helps with Stress
  • 24% of people say it helps with Depression
  • Anxiety
    19% of people say it helps with Anxiety

Where to Buy Rythm Jet Fuel Gelato

The Jet Fuel OG  vape cart by Rythm is an extremely popular potent hybrid marijuana strain in California. Using the latest extraction techniques in 2023, purity comes assured. Rythm company sends each half-gram weed pen for quality testing. THC levels exceed 80 percent and tests find no heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides or other toxins. It is pure. What is more, this is a strain best suiting to use during the evenings.

Rythm Jet Fuel Strain Effects

The premium Jet Fuel gelato strain, is a hybrid strain created through crossing the Platinum Wedding  Aspen OG x High Country Diesel. Known for its super heady high and long-lasting effects, This Premium flower is the perfect bud for any hybrid lover who really wants to kick back and relax. The high starts fast and hard, slamming into your mind almost as soon as you exhale with a euphoric and relaxed effect.

THC: 2o% More about jet fuel OG.

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