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About Rythm Dispensary

RYTHM is a USA based national cannabis brand that delivers purity and potency in premium flower, vape and concentrates. FIND YOUR RYTHM with high-quality cannabis. We at Rythm, would like to extend a heartfelt condolences to all families coping with loss, due to the vaping illness, and to people who may have encountered hospitalization from the use of carts produced by villainous, greedy manufactures, who unfortunately share our industry.


We at Rythm have never or will never jeopardize our quality and standards to make an extra buck, at the expense of health of our loyal clientele. Our seed to sale process has always yielded superb quality products enjoyed by many, never causing sickness but rather a pleasant, refreshing experience in comparison to lesser quality products, produced by other in the space. Our goal has always been to provide transparency to consumers, with the use of up to date testing and uploaded lab results, for all of the products in our growing line. These results are viewable worldwide on our website – rythm com

Any product which may produced, that wasn’t up to code with California compliance, hasn’t and will never make it to the market, as we hold our standards in high regard. Our value for the consumer’s experience has always been of foremost importance and that will never change.

We at Rythm dispensary, look forward to serving you! Providing all transparency to know what is in every product you purchase. Delivering peace of mind, explicable standards , pleasant consumer experiences and newly added QR Coded to provide proof of authenticity, in an effort to negate the quickly growing counterfeit market.

Together we can put this vaping ailments behind us, by using verified brands, that care about consumer, rather than manufacturers who practice dishonest means of production. such as those opportunists that add cutting agents like vitamin E acetate, to fatten their pockets, leaving you fighting for your life.

Rythm is the brand you can verify and trust, in a time when this is ever so very important.

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Rythm Cartridges You Must Try

The new Rythm Carts are here and available on our site!!

Rythm Cart are a new up and coming brand with the clean juice and highly potent carts. First off, take the a rip and immediately taste and feel how great tasting the flavors are from Rythm carts! Super clean and super potent formulas leave you with max medication and enjoyment of these carts. They boast a total THC content of 85-90 % depending on the flavor. Second, they come in 1 gram carts and are 510 compatible, so slap on any 510 battery and rip away! Third, these carts come in many different flavors so you can choose Indica, Sativa, Hybrid to whichever flavor you like. The flavors play off of well known cannabis strains that you would know. We will continue to add more flavors as they come available.

Available flavors at the moment are:

  • Layer cake rythm (Sativa)
  • Jack Herer (Sativa)
  • Sour Diesel (Sativa)
  • Blue Frost (Indica)
  • Brownie Scout (Indica)
  • Orange Pie (Indica)
  • Mandarin Cookies (Hybrid)
  •  (Hybrid)
  • (Hybrid)

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